Warning - Oil Booms across the River Roy and River Spean

Enginnering company Carillion are currently undertaking essential work on the railways bridges which cross the River Roy (250m downstream from the Roy Bridge road bridge at NN 270 811 ) and the River Spean (1500m upstream from Spean Bridge at NN: 239 818).   As part of this work oil booms will be strung across the full width of both rivers downstream of the railway bridges as a precaution to catch any accidental oil spills resulting from the works.  

At Roy Bridge the boom has been positioned approx. 50m downstream of the usual take out eddy for the Lower Roy section (as detailed in the Scottish Whitewater Guidebook).  So, this is after the final Grade 3 rapid below the road bridge and below the railway bridge. 

This should only be an issue for those who are combining the Lower Roy and paddling on to the Middle Spean or those accessing the Middle Spean.  For the Middle Spean please just get on below the boom. 

On the Middle Spean there will be a second boom positioned downstream of the railway bridge.  This is approximately three-quarters of the way down this section, below the railway bridge but upstream of the Grade 3 Railway Bridge Falls.  Portaging this is recommended. 

Warning signs will be placed across the rivers upstream of both booms.  Please proceed with caution and do not assume a lack of signage means the work is complete.  The work is expected to continue till the end of the year (2011) and we will confirm as soon as we can that the booms have been removed.  

A photo of the boom on the Spean can be found on the SCA website.   These are large green inflatable tubes designed to float on the surface of the water.