Spean Gorge - Headbanger Siphon

This update on the Spean Gorge comes from Chris Dickinson the local River Advisor:

Last time down at low water levels it was clear to me that the siphon that exists at the bottom of the tiny eddy at the lip of the drop on Headbanger rapid (called the Witches Cauldron in the Whitewater Guidebook) has suddenly become a larger hole that could clearly fit a boat and/or person through it.  It is therefore now sucking through a great deal more water and this has changed the elevation of the eddy, the run in and the landing.  I would still say that a skilled and composed paddler can run satisfactorily (bear in mind this is a gnarly drop!), but would advise extreme caution and that all paddlers keep an eye on this one as it could change yet again and there is clearly a slight possibility of someone meeting a nasty end here.  Please let me know if you notice anything unusual at:

Chris Dickinson 01397 713856